Which Enterprise Ecommerce Platform Solution is Better?


It has been said time and again that before one ever launches an ecommerce site, there should have been enough time for research and brainstorming for the proper ecommerce platform to be used. It is very crucial for any business to choose the perfect platform, as it has the power to either make or break the business.

If the platform does not prove to be a good match for a business, it will then be a useless investment that should not have been made in the first place. There are instances when these are learned the hard way, which we want to avoid as much as possible. To keep these things from happening, it is best to do our own research, compare notes, and even stalk what our rivals are currently using, and if their platforms do well for their businesses.

Now, there is much difference between what a regular ecommerce site and an enterprise ecommerce site needs in a platform. They have different demands and needs to be met, and also have different target markets. Just because a platform worked well for a regular ecommerce store does not automatically make it the perfect one for an enterprise ecommerce site.

What could be your best bets in an enterprise ecommerce platform?

Magento Enterprise

  • It has made an effort to make a platform that is specifically designed for enterprise ecommerce. The fact that Magento has enterprise ecommerce in mind when they developed this platform makes it a clear winner. It has been developed some years ago, and have since undergone updates and improvements that made it even better. Its themes all work for stores with very diverse lines of products and services, and there is no longer a need for you to hire an expert developer to make sure the platform can support your many catalogs.
  • Its themes are designed for any multistore. Magento has gained its popularity from its great selection of themes and templates that are fully customizable and very well designed. These themes usually can be changed colors and fonts, and also are versatile enough to work for any type of business.
  • It is very marketer-friendly.Its storefronts were created with utmost creativity and also provides functionality. They also offer easy and seamless integration for social media accounts to make marketing as easy as it could get. Aside from social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) marketing is also easily done in Magento Enterprise. The page loading time is also faster than most of its ecommerce platform rivals.
  • It gives you the power to do SEO. As mentioned above, it gets easily done in Magento Enterprise. It allows its users to add snippets, customize tags, and also organize structure markup data. With enough online tutorials and lessons, one can help its ecommerce store rank higher than before.
  • It works with most major shipping providers, so your clients will have more options. A client will highly likely choose an ecommerce store offering more shipping options as opposed to those with lesser ones. It gives them a higher sense of value, and will also be more convenient for them. The fact that your site works with more shipping providers will almost instantly make you a better site as compared to stores partnering with only a few options.

Shopify Plus

  • It is among the most trusted ecommerce platforms. Apart from the one highlighted above, Shopify Plus is also one of the most widely used platforms in the ecommerce industry. It rivals with Magento’s best features, and also exerts efforts to make sure they deliver well enough of what is expected of them.
  • It provides great security for your ecommerce site. There are quite a lot of instances of ecommerce sites being hacked, which proves how crucial a website’s security is. Other ecommerce platforms rely a site’s security on its owners, and that is where the security breaches come in. Shopify Plus provides a secured platform compared to other sites, because they provide hosting and hold full responsibility in terms of security.
  • It gives you the access to full customization. If you are an enterprise and have a marketing team of your own, you will surely maximize the potential of Shopify Plus. It allows its users to track its campaigns on social media, and also offers advanced analytics data. Its marketing features allow its sites to keep track of their current status on their marketing efforts. This is important to have a better and clearer grasp of where you have to improve and where you are already doing well.
  • It has great customizable themes and requires easy setup. Shopify Plus has been developed for all user levels-from newbies to advanced users. It has easy setup requirement, which means there is absolutely no need for you to hire an expert developer to make sure you will get your site moving. The themes are also very customizable, you can personalize it, change its colors and fonts to make it even more appropriate for the line of products you are promoting.
  • It permits users to optimize page titles and links. When aiming for business growth online, the best way to do so is incorporate search engine optimization (SEO). Shopify Plus provides seamless SEO integration and has a backend functionality that somehow simplifies the rather complex process. This feature is one of Shopify Plus’ main selling points and edge against its rivals. SEO is imperative in ecommerce, and the integration offered by this platform proves effective and worth it.

Choosing the right platform for an enterprise ecommerce site could be far more complex than choosing one for a regular ecommerce business. Their demands and objectives are different, which means they have very different needs as well.

To know which one will work best for your ecommerce site, it is important to try and make time to have firsthand experience on each enterprise ecommerce platform, even as a customer for instance. It is helpful to have a feel on each platform, so you know what your clients can expect, and see if the experience is one that can work well for your business and your target market. Always keep in mind that at the end of the day, it is your clients that should always be taken into consideration.

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